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Laser Tag Games

Rent a Laser Tag Set and play fun laser tag games. Play "Team Elimination" or a "Free for All". Add a Game Box and play "Capture & Hold".

team elimination

Team Elimination

Fun for all ages & simple to run. This game can be played with the 10 rental pack. The mission is to deactivate the other team more than they deactivate your own. 

free for all

Free for All

Last one standing wins. Simply change the team setting on the phasers with your master controller. Available with 10 rental packs or larger.

capture and hold

Capture & Hold

The goal of the game is to hold the central position for the longest time.
Just add a Game Box to your rental. The box announces the winning team at the end of the game!

4 Steps to a home laser Tag Party

Booking is easy. Here's how...

laser tag party games

Choose Your Laser Tag Set To Rent

Choose the type of phaser you'd like to rent. Select any extras like a Game Box or party favours.


Choose Collect or Courier

Choose to collect from our shop in Underwood. Or have the kit couriered straight to your door! When you are ready to book you can book online or give us a call (PH: 1800 266 587).


Enjoy Your Party! 

Whoo-hoo! This is the best part. If you do have questions before or during, or even after your party call us at the office during business hours. Or we have an after hours mobile phone number too.


Return the Laser Tag Kit to Us  

COLLECT: You can collect your gear on the business day before your event (ask us about demo times) and pop it back to us on the following business day (anytime between 9 - 5)
COURIER: We've included all the con-notes in your box so all you need to do is place the stickers with our return address over the ones that showed your address and sign off the courier documentation when the truck driver arrives at your place. 


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